Teach your children to garden

Em-Cory-Garden-Cart_450 jpeg

Sons Cory and Emory, breaking in the garden cart


As toddlers my son’s first lessons were taught as they played in the irrigation ditches I dug in our Florida yard.  Their first wagon was this garden cart.  We had caterpillars hatching into gorgeous butterflies and long carrots that loved the sandy soil.  When they were about 8 years old, below, the neighborhood boys planned their own garden and took around baskets of produce to sell.  Such fond memories of exploring nature in our back yard and teaching them how to produce something from the land.

Twenty years later, Cory, on right, is studying Sustainable Foods at Montana State University in Bozeman and  Emory, on left, is studying political science and law at University of Oregon.  Cory just found a house to rent and is excited about starting his own garden.  Cory and Emory Gardening