Seasonal Tips for March

March is showing its typical lamb and lion character.  I have noticed the day and night time temperatures range from about 20 to 30 degrees difference, now that is spring in central Oregon!  Be sure to watch the sun as it changes position in the sky to monitor your garden beds so they are adequately warming up for the season.  I wrapped my giant worm/garden bed in landscape cloth, yet it is not warming due to my healthy Juniper tree just south of my garden.  It may need to come out due to all the shade it is casting on my future potato bed.   You want to plan for a good 6-8 hours of sunlight for good vegetable growth.

Now is also the time to prepare for indoor starts, should you have the space and time to nurse young plants along.   Just like babies, newly germinated seeds need warm soil temperatures and lots of light once the new leaves have formed.  Most garden centers have indoor lighting fixtures to get you started.  I have a great husband; he just let me turn the living room window into a plant nursery.  I promised they wouldn’t be up all night crying so he gave the nod!