Teaming with nature. Teeming with life.

Yvonne and Gayle share a laugh after admiring the newly planted landscape.  They have been gardening companions for three years.


Our vision is to reinvigorate hope for the future by modelling successful sustainable strategies that restore health, function and beauty to your land.  We want your grandchildren to be proud of the natural resources you preserved or restored for them. By thinking and acting locally, we are restoring the planet’s health and our human health globally.

It’s not just about me, at Your Garden Companion, it is all about “WE”.  We value all the interrelationships within the central Oregon ecosystems and want to help guide your decisions toward a more sustainable future.  Sustainability is not a buzz word here! Sustainability is a practice, an ongoing process of evaluating and experimenting with what we do know and improving it as more information becomes available.

We use research-based sustainable solutions to address pollinator decline:

  • increasing more pollinator habitat that include: food, water, shelter and space
  • selecting native plants best suited to the region
  • charting seasonal flowering times for your site
  • sourcing flowering plants from nurseries that guarantee they don’t use systemic pesticides like neonicotinoids.
  • keeping pesticides, insecticides and fungicides out of the landscape

Through my training and experience, I can help you design a plan that integrates both native plants and/or vegetables into your site, thereby encouraging wildlife to serve as pollinators, pest control agents, predators and workers in the soil, creating a healthy place for life. Gardening this way on a regular basis is not only a beneficial physical activity, it is a journey of cooperation and learning about what plants and gardening strategies will sustain us into the future. Despite your past experiences with what may seem like challenging growing conditions, by building relationships with each other and the land, we can make gardening a joyful, positive experience year in and year out.

Join us as a client or staff or volunteer.  WE can do this together.  WE WILL!

Let’s start gardening!   Yvonne Babb