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Meet Yvonne Babb, owner

Meet Yvonne Babb

Teaming with nature. Teeming with life.

 Welcome to the website for Your Garden Companion, L.L.C. I’d like to work with you to maintain and help beautify your yard and advise you on how to turn it into a productive place that grows in harmony with our unique Central Oregon climate and soil. By combining two of my greatest passions – teaching and gardening – we will partner with Mother Nature to nurture a landscape that bursts with color and activity.

Through my training and experience, I can help you create a plan that integrates both native plants and/or vegetables into your site, thereby encouraging wildlife to serve as pollinators, pest control agents, predators and workers in the soil, creating a healthy place for life. Gardening this way on a regular basis is not only a beneficial physical activity, it is a journey of cooperation and learning about what plants and gardening strategies will sustain us into the future.

Despite your past experiences with what may seem like challenging growing conditions, by building relationships with each other and the land, we can make gardening a joyful, positive experience year in and year out. Look to this website for a variety of services for all ages and abilities, as well as seasonal tips, regional gardening events, books and other resources.

Let’s start gardening!   Yvonne Babb